Intellectual Property Guidelines and Disclaimers

Definitions:  1)  United States Networking Co. (the “Company”);  2) Internet (world wide web) properties/sites managed by or affiliated with the United States Networking Co. (the “Sites”);

Blog Post Usage Rights:

Blog posts on the Sites of the Company are allowed to be republished in the “public domain” without prior permissions, as long as the publication follows the following guidelines:

  1. The following sentence must be published at the immediate beginning of the publication: “Content Originally From Forbes-Featured Entrepreneur Alex Parker‘s Website” (with “Alex Parker” hyperlinked to
  2. The new publication should not include any changes in original wording, and may not include any in-line advertisements within publication.
  3. The new publication should not include any additional wording (added to the original wording).

If any publications are found to be in breach of these guidelines, the Company will attempt to contact the publisher of the content.  If the publisher is contacted (including, but not limited to, electronic mailings, telephoning, etc.), the publisher will have up to 24 hours to remove the publication or remedy the posting to make it compliant with the previously set forth guidelines.  After 24 hours, if the post is not then compliant or entirely removed, the Company, its legal counsel, or authorized agents will filed a DMCA takedown request to take down either the post in question, or the entire website domain as a whole.

General Image Licensing Rights:

Images used on the Sites may not be the sole property of the Company, and further use of the image on any other internet sites may be in violation of intellectual property rights.

Image Licensing Rights for Images of/including Alex Parker, which are Property of the Company:

Images of/including Alex Parker, which are exclusively licensed to the Company or it’s affiliates, may be used freely in the “public domain,” unless otherwise requested by the Company’s or Alex Parker’s attorneys and/or legal counsel.  Images requested to be removed by the Company or Alex Parker’s legal counsel, from any digital or non-digital publication, which include Alex Parker in the picture in any way, will have 24 hours to be removed before an official DMCA takedown order is filed with the respective agency/entity responsible for the deemed intellectual property violation, which will result in the removal of the particular piece of intellectual property requested to be removed, or the entire website domain for which the image is included within.  The Company, Alex Parker, Alex Parker’s legal counsel, and the Company’s legal counsel reserve all rights to request removal of any picture containing/including Alex Parker in any way, at any time.

Paparazzi Image Licensing Rights:

Images that are taken by paparazzi, which include Alex Parker in any way, shall be freely used in the “public domain” unless the Company, Alex Parker, the Company’s legal counsel, and/or Alex Parker’s legal counsel deems that the image(s) infringes on rights of the Company, Alex Parker, or it’s affiliates in any way.

Examples of Images Including Alex Parker, which are Property of the Company:

Alex Parker








By using any intellectual property from any websites affiliated with the Company, Alex Parker, or any of it’s affiliates, you hereby agree to the stated terms and conditions on this page.  You further understand that these terms and conditions may be changed from time to time, with or without notice.  You understand that it is your responsibility to maintain compliance with these terms, and that any offenses may result in, but not exclusive to, punitive damage recoveries, intellectual property damage recoveries, etc.  If at any time a DMCA takedown order is filed because of a violation of the terms and conditions on this page, the Company or its affiliates is not obligated to remedy offender, it’s agents, or it’s affiliates for any reason at any time.